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Why Underlocking and Undervolting The GPU is the best thing you can do.

Why Underlocking and Undervolting The GPU is the best thing you can do.

Why Underlocking and Undervolting The GPU is the best thing you can do.

High temperatures are a problem in the game world. They cause a lot of trouble. Thermal smothering, high fan noise, power instability and reduced equipment life.

That’s why every PC or notebook owner has thought about it – and hasn’t wasted time or effort with the GPU or CPU. Slowing down or lowering the voltage of your GPU or CPU is a way to reduce high temperatures.

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But what if you’re new to the area and you’re looking for a solution to your high temperature problem? What risk is he taking? If you plan to reduce the clock speed or power of your GPU. Learn what you need to know about lowering the timing and voltage of your GPU. And when it’s safe.

What do blocking and low voltage mean?

The acceleration or downlink is the inverse of the acceleration . At this point you deliberately reduce the clock speed of your CPU or GPU. The speed per hour is the number of cycles that can be performed per second. The higher the clock cycle, the more instructions the GPU or CPU can perform per second. The speed per hour is measured in megahertz (MHz).

GPU connection

Low voltage, on the other hand, reduces the power consumption of your CPU or GPU. Your hardware components need a certain voltage to work. Delay is the opposite of overvoltage, where the voltage increases.

The deliberate reduction of the clock frequency is underestimated. The deliberately decreasing voltage is low. It’s as simple as that.

Advantages of levelling and lowering the voltage of your-GPU

Blocking and undervoltage are enormous advantages. This is one of the main reasons why manufacturers often use low-voltage equipment in notebooks.

Less heat

For those who suffer from overheating and thermal anaesthesia Slowing down and lowering the voltage of your GPU can reduce these high temperatures.

  • Optimal CPU and processor temperature for games

In addition, high temperatures slowly destroy your equipment and cause instability. If you use the laptop, you will benefit greatly, with the exception of the application of thermal paste . As mentioned earlier, manufacturers tend to underestimate the performance of notebook GPUs or CPUs.

Laptops have a poor cooling system due to their small housing and small fans. So there’s no point in equipping them with full GPUs. Even with all backlit and self-cooling systems, some notebooks’ CPUs and GPUs are still warm.

Desktops have a better cooling system, but your GPU can still work too hard and run at high temperatures. In this case the problem is solved by the sub block or the underload. Stable temperature and quieter computer operation – your fans won’t work too hard.

Stable performance and reduced energy consumption

High temperatures lead to operating instability. Each device has a temperature limit that it can withstand. High temperatures occur with heavy loads and low cooling levels.

The GPU and CPU will work very hard and the power consumption will increase. The energy consumption increases, as does the temperature. And after a certain limit, the CPU and GPU can no longer withstand the heat. And so the power drops or is reduced.

  • What is a CPU/GPU bottleneck?

This power reduction is necessary to bring the temperature down to an observable level. When it cools down, the whole process starts all over again. There is an increase in productivity and temperature, and a decrease when the temperature reaches a high level.

A common example is a game in which the temperature is so high that the FPS drops dramatically due to the thermal smothering of the GPU and CPU.

This is where the manipulations and sub-tensions take place. By reducing the clock frequency and power consumption. They effectively reduce the heat generated. This provides a more stable job.

The CPU and GPU run at near maximum performance without bottlenecks. Reduced power consumption in laptops means longer battery life. It’s a win-win situation.


High temperatures destroy equipment. Everything on this planet has a temperature limit that it can withstand before it’s destroyed. The same goes for PC components.

Your GPU cannot withstand high temperatures for long periods of time. They effectively reduce lifespan. In the worst case, your desktop or laptop may shut down unexpectedly and no longer boot up.

Blocking and undervoltage extend the life of your components. Because it is used to control excessive energy consumption and high temperatures.

Software that allows you to increase the clock frequency and reduce the voltage of your-GPU.

There is software that allows you to reduce the frequency or voltage of your GPU. We recommend the use of afterburner MSI . There is also Throttle Stop , but that is for overclocking, overvoltage, clock frequency down and reducing the voltage of your processor. For reduced pressure guide rail. WePC and Pascal GPU Boost is an excellent guide.

Simple GPU lockdown with MSI afterburning

Is it safe to lock and power your GPU?

That depends. There can be instability if you don’t do it right. This happens when you underestimate the runtimes of GPU and CPU and significantly reduce their load. Each device requires a minimum voltage for normal operation.

  • Does your laptop’s graphics processor need to be overclocked?

If the conditions are not met, your equipment will work or function properly. The best way to do this is to reduce the voltage in small quantities and check that the operating temperatures are at a noticeable level.

If you’re planning to do this, then you need to move on. But make sure you do the necessary research and follow the best guidelines.

In addition to underblocking and undervoltage, there are other ways to reduce high temperatures.

  • Thermoplastic connection Application
  • Get a cooling pencil

Is it worth connecting and disconnecting the GPU?

A look at the enormous advantages of overclocking and underclocking. Under no circumstances should you ignore them, especially if the GPU in your laptop or desktop computer operates at high temperatures.

In addition to longer laptop battery life, more stable performance and a quieter PC. You also benefit from the best autonomy.

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