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What to do if you don’t play your Hotstar Premium video?

What to do if you don’t play your Hotstar Premium video?

Hotstar, owned by Novi Digital Entertainment, currently offers more than 50,000 hours of video content in 8 languages and is one of the main competitors of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video in India.

In addition to the free content available on the platform, Hotstar offers two separate premium plans – Hotstar Premium (INR 199/month or INR 999/year) and Hotstar VIP (INR 365/year) – exclusively for the Indian public.

The Hotstar VIP plan allows you to watch live sports programmes, new Indian films, Hotstar specials and various episodes of Indian TV. In addition to everything included in the VIP plan, Hotstar Premium also brings various American shows, new Hollywood films and free advertising.

If you are a VIP Hotstar or Premium Hotstar user and have trouble playing the video, we will notify you in this article.

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Currently, only Hotstar premium content (video) can be broadcast on a subscription basis.

  • Cookies: If you receive an error message when trying to play a video on Hotstar, make sure cookies are enabled in your browser.
  • Subscription: Go to My Account and check your subscription status. It may well be that the deadline has passed because of the omission. You can also try logging in again with your access data.
  • Streaming:If you encounter an error in your Hotstar account while playing another premium video, you should check all your devices and make sure the application with the video is open on one of them. If so, close this video and refresh the current feed page.

Here are some other things that helped us fix the Hotstar bugs, including Sorry, several premium videos are requested on this account.

  • Refresh the page several times.
  • Empty the browser cache since the last time Hotstar was accessed (in our case, a week).
  • Log out of the account and log back in.

You can also write to Hotstar at [email protected] if your problem is not resolved. All the company can do is clean up the meeting.

If you believe someone is using your Premium Membership illegally, please provide Hotstar with the other ID so that your membership can be transferred to this ID. The subscription linked to your current email address will be cancelled and all users will be automatically unsubscribed.

But before you do, you should read it, because our question hasn’t been resolved yet and we’ve contacted Hotstar – it might save you some trouble.

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So we contacted Hotstar, but it didn’t help much.

When you subscribe to Prime Videos or Netflix, you know that you can check which devices are currently using your account and then cancel their registration or disconnect all devices if some devices are not yours or if you just want to update the list of devices. But that doesn’t apply to Hotstar.

Sorry, more than one premium video is requested on this account. Close the other videos and try again. If you see this error message, it may be interesting that you cannot check which devices are using your premium account or logging out.

What to do if you don’t play your Hotstar Premium video? We contacted Hotstar and learned that the company’s development team was working on a Netflix-like feature that would allow users to disconnect from all devices at the same time.

The problem (as shown in the screenshot above) occurs in two situations: (a) when the user shares their credentials with a friend or relative, and (b) when the user connects to a public device/machine (such as an internet cafe or desktop laptop used by multiple users) and someone else enters and uses the site, according to Hotstar Candid.Technology.

Our development team is working on an account logout feature for all devices when we send you an email. Unfortunately we cannot comment on the exact dates, but they should be available soon. Unfortunately, it is not possible to view the full history of your navigation, your device and where your account is being used.

Because this is a widespread problem, we have done some research and found that many websites and videos on YouTube offer Hotstar Premium cookies and free Hotstar Premium accounts and passwords.

Although Hotstar appears to have hacked into several websites and sent them legal advice, many of these sites are still being published, hampering streaming to legitimate premium subscribers.

This indicates that Hotstar does not have a secure environment to run a paid streaming service. And also that users should change their passwords from time to time and keep them in a safe place so that their username and password do not appear in the same list on any website on the Internet.

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What to do if you don’t play your Hotstar Premium video?

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