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What is the CQA Test with Common Problem Solutions

Worried about the sudden appearance of a CQA test request on your phone? Maybe you had some unexpected problems after your arrival. However, they do not know what a CQA exam is or how to get rid of problems.

Don’t worry and follow the article. This gives you a clear picture of what a CQA exam intentionally involves. At the same time, you will also find simple solutions to common problems related to the application of CQA tests.

What is a CQA exam?

CQA stands for Certified Quality Auditor. It uses audit-related standards and principles. It may use different assessment methods to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the production system in terms of quality control.

For example, CQA is tested as a quality control application used by the manufacturer. As far as users are concerned, it is not fully disclosed, and you cannot delete or disable it. Because it is a system application and manufacturers need it.

Common problems and solutions for CQA test application:

Because we know what CQA tests are, we need to be aware of the problems that may occur after the application appears on your phone.


  • The lock screen is not displayed.
  • The Home button and newer applications do not work.
  • The notification field cannot be completely lowered.
  • The camera does not open when the power button is pressed twice.
  • Incoming calls are not taken into account.

Simple backup plans:

Before discussing solutions, we recommend that you take a backup copy of everything you don’t want to lose with your phone. Some simple and effective emergency plans are discussed here.

If your computer allows it, connect your phone to a USB storage device using an OTG cable and make a backup. You can also transfer your data to your phone’s SD card.

You can also download the selected folders to Google Drive, Dropbox or any other cold storage option. If possible, transfer all necessary data to another phone using the file exchange application.

Effective methods of resetting devices:

You can use another method to solve problems that occur in the CQA test application. The methods…

Method 1:

Try to stop the application of CQA: To avoid unexpected problems, we can simply stop the application of the CQA test.

Step one: Click on the Install button:

Go to the device menu first. Locate the setting and click on it to get the next option.

Step 2:  Change in application management:

Once you have opened the home page settings, scroll down. You will then see the Request Management option. Click on this option.

Step 3: Open to show the system process:

After clicking the Request Management option, the Display System Process option appears in the upper right corner. Give it a try.

Step 4: Select the application for testing CQA:

After clicking Show System Process, you will see the CQA test application. Now select the request. Now there’s one more step to take.

Step 5: Final closure of forced application:

You now see the possibility of a forced closure. Just write it down to stop the application.

Method 2:

Try restarting your phone by resetting it to factory defaults (Setup> Backup and Reset> Reset to factory defaults).

Method 3: Try to clear the cache of your iPhone (Configuration>Safari>Erase history and website data).

Method 4:

Try a deep reset. To do this…

  • Turn off your device first.
  • Tap the Power and Volume buttons simultaneously for 10 seconds to open the Android startup menu.
  • In the bootloader menu, use the Volume down button to move up/down and the Volume up button to enter or select.
  • Select the recovery mode.
  • After seeing the word no command, press and hold the power button. Press and hold the power button while increasing or decreasing the volume.
  • You will see a list menu with the option Delete data / Restore factory settings. Pick him. This will fix your device.

Pay attention: The above methods also apply to your laptop.

In this article you have learned what a CQA audit is and what problems and solutions are involved. And not only that, but also that you have tips for making backups. What we promised you in the beginning. We hope this training will help you eliminate problems caused by the application of the CQA test.



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