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Thriftyrentalfine – – ATS Processing Services (ATS)

Hi guys, we come back to another business information process unknown to users, and if you are using ATS Processing Services , you need to read the full article to get information about ATS Processing Services Traffic Violation.

With Lean Rental’s fine, customers can easily pay the traffic costs (speed, parking) they receive when renting a Lean Rental car. Customers can also print out a copy of the offense and easily view the offer online.


Thriftyrentalfine – – ATS Processing Services (ATS)


Please note that under the car rental contract signed by the customer, the car rental company can directly debit all references made during the rental period to the customer’s credit card.

Trimtirentalin at

  • You can pay for transport during the rental of your car.
  • TTY’s processing services will ask you to pay for parking, rate or photography during the rental period.
  • The service is fairly easy to use and recognizes all major credit cards.

Thickness rentals – information required

  • ATS’s processing services are third-party and are not owned by Trifty.
  • Customers will have to pay a high administration fee in order to take advantage of the economical rental fine.
  • Payments of by cheque are permitted, but the customer must remove the coupon at the bottom of the fine and send it with the cheque for the amount to be paid.
  • To submit a claim, please visit the disputes page at
  • Reimbursement will take place if the customer has already paid the parking fee himself before he has received the fine.
  • Customers expecting a refund must offer the possibility to rewrite the amount on their card within 5 working days.
  • Customers who do not pay are sent to a collection agency and cannot rent a car.

For all tilt questions, call 877-759-5826 between 8:00 and 18:00 H-F [central time]. Customers who need to fax documents, such as payment receipts, can send them to 602-532-7650.


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