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Surface Pro 7 vs. Spectre x360 Best 2 on 1 Laptop 2020

Surface Pro 7 vs. Spectre x360 Best 2 on 1 Laptop 2020

Microsoft was the first company to market 2-in-1 laptops. And their long 2-in-1 line won’t stop soon. However, other brands have joined the party and even threaten to be pushed aside by Microsoft, the initiator.

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Today, HP Spectrum x360 and Microsoft Surface Pro compete for supremacy. These two brands may not be in direct competition with each other, but their similarities suggest that many users will find it difficult to choose between them. To make the decision even more difficult, both brands generally update their products within the same timeframe. However, despite their similarities, the two products differ in some respects. We will compare two laptops to see which model would be perfect for a particular user.

Pro 7 surface vs. x360 2 balls vs.portable

Surface Pro 7 vs. Spectre x360 Best 2 on 1 Laptop 2020

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Surface Pro 7 to surface x360 Project

It’s not HP’s fault that the Spectre x360 looks beautiful in design. So HP gave him a nickname, the chiseled version. On the outside it is clear that HP was in no hurry with this design idea. From the outside, the laptop looks seductive and smooth.

On the other hand, Microsoft Surface Pro 7 is quite similar to the previous version. There’s nothing new we haven’t seen in the latest version. It retains its typical thin and smooth appearance. The design is impressive, but users have already seen it in the previous model. The only improvement, however, is the addition of additional color options for users. The Alcantra fabric and the aluminium keyboard housing are now available in four different colours: Black, cobalt, burgundy and platinum.

So when it comes to exceptional design, we give it to the x360 Spectrum.

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Pro 7 vs. x360 Keyboard area

The Spectrum x360 keyboard is equipped with one of the best keyboards available. It is precise and pleasant, because the keys offer a great trip. It’s about the same as Surface Pro 7. But Surface Pro has a more impressive precision touchpad than Synaptics. Both laptops are equipped with active handles and touch screens for comfortable operation. If you use both in tablet form, you can draw and write more comfortably with HP Spectrum than with Surface Pro 7.

Area per 7 against square x360 Communication

This is an area where there is a significant difference between two laptops. Surface Pro 7 is equipped with USB A3.1 and USAB A3.0 ports. It also has a surface connector and connectors for connecting 4K monitors.

The x360 Spectrum, on the other hand, has a USB 3.1 port and a Thunderbolt 3 port. It has USB-C ports and smaller connectors for connecting additional peripherals such as GPU boxes and multiple 4K displays.

Yes, Surface Pro 7 has different ports and options, but Spectrs offers much better connectivity.

Surface area for 7 vs. Spectrum x360 Power

The Spectrum x360 is equipped with an 8th generation Intel Core processor. Surface Pro 7 is equipped with a 10th generation processor. Both laptops are equipped with an Intel Core i5 processor. Of course you can switch to Core i7.

In terms of speed, both laptops work well, but Surface Pro 7 has an advantage over Spectrum. In addition, both laptops use fast PCIe SSDs, allowing them to quickly access and store data. These two laptops are almost as good as each other. They have similar characteristics and can be adjusted to increase productivity.

Surface Pro 7 vs. x360 Display

The display size for Spectrum (13.3 inches) is larger than for Surface Pro (12.3 inches). The difference is small, but it can affect the design and portability in general.

Surface Pro 7 has an excellent display with clear image quality. Spectrum also has a good display, but Surface Pro 7 is much better in this area. If you’re looking for a laptop with an impressive screen, it’s better to choose the Surface Pro 7 than the x360 spectrum. Although Spectrum has more modern components, Surface Pro 7 works best when it comes to display quality.

Surface Pro 7 vs Spectrum x360 Portability

As a rule, 13-inch notebooks are always light and easy to transport. These laptops are no exception. It’s two lungs, but one is always more portable than the other. At 1.7 pounds, the Surface Pro 7 is lighter than the Spectrum – 2.93 pounds.

The design of the Surface Pro 7 also makes it easy to store or fold a laptop bag. As mentioned before, both laptops are very portable because they are 13-inch laptops. We give it to Surface Pro 7 when we compare the two notebooks in terms of light performance. But from the point of view of portability, the spectrum can take the lead, even if it is heavier.

When we talk about portability, we should also talk about the ease with which it can be used outdoors. For Spectrum, it is easier to work with the laptop without having to charge it for a long time. Surface Pro 7 takes so long, but it’s nothing compared to Spectrum. If you’re looking for a laptop with a battery powerful enough to work even when not connected, Spectrum is the best option.

Pro 7 area vs. x360 Comparison of 2-in-1 laptops Conclusion

We have seen how similar and different Microsoft Pro 7 and Spectrum x360 are. Microsoft Surface 7 is the latest version of the Surface Pro notebook series. It certainly looks elegant, but is not completely different from the Pro 6 model of the same brand. On the other hand, HP Spectrum is an entirely new approach to HP. It is one of the most elegant brands ever produced. It is interesting to note that the laptop has a wide range of functions.  If HP wants to fight Microsoft with this laptop, it certainly has.

Frequently asked questions

Below are answers to frequently asked questions about Microsoft Surface Pro 7 and HP Spectrum x 360.

Is the HP Spectrum a good laptop?

Yes, the Spectrum is a stylish laptop with reliable performance and excellent battery life. This is one of the best 13-inch laptops on the market.

What is the best laptop for surface mounting?

The best Universal Interface laptops in terms of cost and performance are Universal Interface 3-laptops and Universal Interface 7-laptops.

Can I use the Surface Pen on the Spectrum x360?

Yes, the pen has the same configuration as the HP pen. Then everything should be okay.

Between Area 7 and Spectrum x360, which has a longer battery life ?

The x360 spectrum lasts longer than area 7.

Which one is better, Pro7 or Spectrum x360?

Both have advantages over the other, so it will be difficult to say which one is better. For example, while Surface offers better image reproduction, Spectrum has a longer battery life than Pro 7. So it depends on what is most important to the user.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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