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Surface Pro 6 vs Galaxy Tab S4 Best Laptop 2020 2-in-1

Surface Pro 6 vs Galaxy Tab S4 Best Laptop 2020 2-in-1

As interest in traditional tablets approaches freezing, hardware manufacturers are investing in 2-in-1 Surface Pro 6 versus Galaxy Tab S4 laptops. Microsoft recently launched a new version of Surface Pro (Start – $899.00), and we are pleased to see how the latest hybrid tablet for laptops with a Windows operating system compares to Samsung’s Galaxy Tab S4 (Start – $649.99), which is perhaps the best 2-in-1 with Android.

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Surface Pro 6 vs. Galaxy S4 tablet best 2-in-1 laptop comparison

Surface Pro 6 against Galaxy Tab S4 Structure and Construction.

For the first time Surface Pro 6 is available in black, and it has to be said that the new color palette fits that. You can also get it in platinum, so the available color options seem somewhat limited compared to Microsoft’s wide range of vibrant styles in recent years.

Surface Pro 6 vs Galaxy Tab S4 Best Laptop 2020 2-in-1

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Galaxy Tab 4 is available in black and grey. The tray remains true to Samsung’s approach to glass and metal and gives it a very elegant appearance. The solid glass front and back makes it much more fragile than the Surface Pro 6, but it’s the price you pay for the elegance and sophistication Samsung is looking for.

The Surface Pro 6 is equipped with a built-in impact bracket that makes it possible to work and play almost anywhere. You can install an integrated stand for perfectly titled positions for writing and drawing. The standard also plays an important role when you add a Cover-type keyboard docking station and turn Surface Pro 6 from a tablet into a laptop.

Galaxy Tab 4 has no built-in coupling. With Samsung books, it relies solely on the binding. Unfortunately, the keyboard looks and feels less polished than the tablet itself. Its presentation is overloaded, which is not the case with the Microsoft keyboard, and it is not backlit.

Microsoft has been generous at the gates. Surface Pro 6 features a single USB-A 3.0 port, a mini DisplayPort and a microSD card reader, as well as a 3.5mm headphone jack and a power connector. Surprisingly, there is no type C USB port on the device, but Microsoft has in any case released a Surface Connect adapter for type C.

Galaxy Tab 4 has a C-type USB port and a headset jack on the bottom and a pogo jack for an extra keyboard cap on the left.

Pro 6 surface against S4 screen of Galactic tab

To ensure portability, the boards generally have a screen size of less than 10 inches. Laptops, on the other hand, have a screen size of 13 inches or larger to facilitate multitasking. Microsoft has chosen to balance Surface Pro 6 with a 12.3-inch screen with a resolution of 2736 x 1824 and a 3:2 aspect ratio.

Surface Pro 6 vs Galaxy Tab S4 Best Laptop 2020 2-in-1

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The Galaxy Tab S4 features a super AMOLED 10.5-inch screen with extremely vivid colors and fading brightness. The screen has a resolution of 2560 x 1600, and its incredible sharpness comes to life when watching 4K videos or playing games.

Both screens reproduce colours with impeccable precision and are suitable for professional graphic designers and photographers. Surface Pro 6 covers approximately 90.2% of the sRGB range, while Galaxy Tab S4 produces an amazing 219% of the same range.

Surface Pro 6 against Galaxy Tab S4 Power

Although you can’t expect a mobile processor to deliver the performance of a full desktop processor (at least not yet), the Galaxy Tab 4 with Surface Pro 6 does just fine. The Snapdragon 835 processor and 4GB of RAM provide solid speed for multitasking, so you can watch Full HD videos on YouTube while opening multiple tabbed web pages at the same time.

Surface Pro 6 uses Intel Kaby Lake processors, known for their energy-efficient quad-core computing power. Microsoft sells a 2-in-1 device with 8 or 16 GB RAM, and all models are equipped with an Intel UHD Graphics 620 graphics card.

According to Microsoft, Surface Pro 6 should last 13 hours and 30 minutes when it comes to cyclic video playback, but field tests show that it takes an hour or less. Galaxy Tab 4 takes about 9 hours and 30 minutes for the Laptop Mag battery test (surfing the internet for 150 nit).

Surface Pro 6 vs S4 Galaxy Tab S4 Software

The main selling point of Galaxy Tab 4 is the DeX firmware, which expands the Android operating system with a desktop interface and provides a second screen. TheX certainly looks like a real desktop operating system, with the usual dashboard and application bar, but it seems that it is still in development, in addition to the Surface Pro 6 and its Windows 10 Home.

There is no trackpad on the additional cover of the Galaxy Tab S4 keyboard, which would not be a problem if the user interface was more touch sensitive. Unfortunately this is not the case, and the C-pen does not save any money. TheX works best with an Android-compatible mouse, making familiar gestures like dragging and dropping much easier.

Surface Pro 6 is similar to an ordinary Windows laptop. Some applications work well with touch controls, but most work best with the trackpad built into the Type Cover keyboard. You can also communicate with the Surface Pen, an active pen and a digital pen developed by Microsoft for the Surface Computing series.

Surface Pro 6 vs. S4 Galaxy Tab S4: Best 2-in-1 Laptop Verdict of Comparison

Samsung deserves praise for its attempts to make Android work with DeX as a desktop operating system. In the end, we think the company will succeed, but it will probably take a few more iterations. If you want a 2-in-1 device that can serve as a laptop during the day and entertain you in bed after work, Surface Pro 6 with Windows 10 Home is the best choice.

* If you buy through links on our website, we can earn affiliate commissions. For more information, please visit our privacy policy page.



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