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Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV

Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV

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Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV

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Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV

The TCL 50S425 does not seem to have changed much in its appearance from other TCL models. Although some minor adjustments have been made when comparing the TCL 32S305 , which you could consider as a 32-inch model. The biggest and most obvious is the size of the screen.

Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV

There have also been some small changes at the edges of the television: The TCL 50S425 has sharper edges, while the TCL 32S305 has slightly more rounded corners. It’s not a big change, but in my opinion it’s what makes television a little nicer when you watch it.

It is a bad reproduction with a refresh rate of 120 Hz (actually 60 Hz, we’ll come back to that later) and a resolution of up to 4K. This will be useful when you want to watch BluRay movies or broadcast high quality content, which many of you will want. Especially if you use Amazon Prime for your movie and entertainment needs.

As for the bad presentation, we don’t think it’s bad. You get what you pay for, and in this particular price range, TCL has done a good job by offering a 4K experience to those of us who aren’t willing to spend thousands of dollars on a movie-level television.

The colours on the screen may be a little weak with most black or light colours, but in most cases this can easily be changed or at least improved by changing the default video mode and changing the brightness.

For games, television seems to be more than enough. The refresh rate keeps everything clean and there are no delays or bursts, even in case of intense action and explosion.

This is what we want to call for everyone who reads this magazine. The TCL 50S425 does not work with a real 120 Hz display. Television actually has 60 hertz, although it can advertise at 120 hertz, which is quite normal. The principle of television is that it creates a different artificial framework from the other two in order to increase mobility. Again, we know this may be a small breakthrough for some, but think about it. Almost all television broadcasts and content are still at 60 hertz, and for console games 60 hertz should be more than enough. With a low input delay of ~29 ms (4K HDR), you can still enjoy a virtually latent gaming experience on your affordable TV.

The entrances are now on the right side of the TV, while the old 32S305 had its entrances on the left side. TCL has equipped the 50S425 quite well.

From top to bottom you will find a reset button, RJ45, a 3x HDMI network connection with a third terminal equipped with an ARC, a cable antenna input, an AV IN input, a 5.1 audio input and an optical input.

Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV

Now for Roku TV, which you get with the TCL 50S425, all we can say is that we absolutely love it. It’s very easy to set up. TV guides you through all the steps of setting up Netflix, Hulu, HBO Now, etc., and thanks to the universal search function you can find new content quickly and easily. Samsung, LG and other TV companies have done a good job with their smart TVs, but they have not yet reached the same level of usability as Roku TV.

The big difference is also the free application for Roku TV, which allows you to use your TV with your smartphone. It also allows you to control the TV with just your phone.

The remote control of the TCL 32S305 is an infrared remote control, so you need to have a visual image on your TV to use it, but thanks to the smartphone application that’s not so difficult. Unlike most remote controls, the volume up/down and mute buttons are located on the right side of the remote control. If you are not satisfied with your remote control, there is another way to control your TV with the Roku TV application.

Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV


TCL 50S425 Price history 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV (2019)

Made with Raphael 2.1.00 USD175 USD350 USD525 USD700 USD2020-01-032019-12-272019-12-13


The price: USD 259.99


Current price $259.99 30/04/2020
Highest price $650.00 13/12/2019
The lowest price $259.99 15/12/2019

с 13.12.09

Latest price changes

$259.99 10/01/2020
$299.99 02/01/2020
$299.99 02/01/2020
$299.99 02/01/2020
$299.99 02/01/2020

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Set the alarm for the product: TCL 50S425 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV (2019) – $259.99

There were clearly problems with the quality control of the television, but in general people were very satisfied with what they got.

In conclusion, we can only say that TCL 50S425 ranks first among budget televisions. It may not have the promised and advertised 120Hz refresh rate, but the overall quality and low input delay with 4K functions and a built-in Roku TV make this TV an excellent choice. If you are considering buying a new TV, but have not yet spent thousands of dollars on a 4K TV, this may be a good choice for you.

8.4 Expert indicator

If you want a reasonably priced TV with a low input delay that’s perfect for gaming, then the TCL 50S425 4K Smart LED TV is for you. The color may not be as vivid as on the more expensive Smart TV, but in the end it’s a small compromise in price and quality that you get for this TV.

Specification: TCL 50S425 Overview – TV 4K Smart LED

Mandatory Electronics
Brand TCL
EAN 0846042010078
EAN list An item in the EAN list: 0846042010078
Dimensions of the product Height: 2800, length: 4410, weight: 2360, width: 800
Label TCL
Manufacturer TCL
Model 50S425
MPN 50S425
Number of items 1
Dimensions of the packaging Height: 650, length: 4950, weight: 3350, width : 3000
Packaging Quantity 1
Position number 50S425
Product group Home theater
Name of the product type TELEVISION
Publishing house TCL
Date of exemption 2019-01-08
Size(in inches) 50
Studio TCL
Title TCL 50S425 50 inch 4K Smart LED Roku TV (2019)
UPC 846042010078
UPC list Point on the UPC list : 846042010078
Warranty 1 year spare parts and labour

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Video Review Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TVReview of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV

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Review of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TVReview of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TVReview of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TVReview of TCL 50S425 – 4 K Smart LED TV



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